The Lydian Mutation is Neema Abolghassemi’s first solo album which consists of 22 tracks and is a two-hour-long music marathon. 

The album name “The Lydian Mutation” means that the typical major or Ionian sound has been mutated to a Lydian sound so basically the gene of the music has been changed from a natural 4th interval to a Sharped 4th interval.
This concept has been applied on every track in this album.

These two tracks are the first singles from Neema’s debut solo album which is going to be released soon, the album is called “The Lydian Mutation”
Arman Chaharmahalian has played synth solo on Amygdala Hijack
Ben Hands has played the bass guitar solo on Amygdala Hijack
Composition and Producing were done by Neema Abolghassemi.
Hamid Amjadniya has Designed cover art for Half Flat and Amygdala Hijack